Salome of the Moon

by Nick Jones

Directed by Knud Adams

Scenic Designer: James J. Fenton
Costume Designer: Deanna Frieman
Lighting Designer: Bradley King
Sound Designer: Daniel Kluger
Properties Designer: Lauren Madden
Stage Manager: Raffaela Vergata

Salome of the Moon

Waterwell, PPAS, May 2014

Salome is a Princess who lives in a palace. You’d think she’d be happy, but she is anything but. Her mother barely talks to her, her stepdad drinks too much (and is weirdly always asking her to dance) and there’s a prophet in the well who says everyone hates them. Plus, nobody came to her birthday party! By turns hilarious and moving, SALOME OF THE MOON is a coming of age story about a Princess determined to find love and happiness in an age of cruelty and waste.